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Feeding Need: Sikh Campaign to Feed the Homeless Shatters Record

Wednesday 18th of July 2007
Sikh Youth of BC and Sikhcess

Vancouver, BC - Sikhcess, a community organization dedicated to highlighting Sikh achievements and promoting the basic Sikh principles of public service, today announced that on Sunday, June 24, 2007, local volunteers successfully prepared, packaged, and delivered a record number of food packages to homeless communities in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia.

“I’m very pleased at the exceptional efforts of all of our volunteers and especially grateful to the students at Surrey’s Khalsa School, whose donations and volunteer spirit allowed us to deliver 3,500 food packages the needy in a single night,” commented Mr. Jatinder Singh, Founder of Sikhcess.

“The Sikh institution of ‘Langar’ was started by the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, eventually evolving to become today’s only faith-based, free kitchen of-its-kind in the world, collectively serving millions around the globe each year, regardless of gender, social standing, caste, color, religious affiliation, or beliefs. Through this ideal of equality, the tradition of Langar expresses the ethics of sharing, community, inclusiveness and oneness of all humankind,” continued Mr. Singh.

With these guiding principles, Sikhcess has launched an aggressive campaign to ‘Feed the Homeless’ with the twelve-month goal of distributing 15 - 20,000 packages of freshly-cooked, warm vegetable wraps, desserts, and bottled water, juices, or other drinks to Vancouver’s needy. In only six short months, with support from the entire Sikh community, Sikhcess has already distributed over 12,000 food packages, primarily to Vancouver’s East Side community!

Working to address homeless hunger, the Sikh community is taking ‘Langar’ (or ‘Free Kitchen’) to those on the streets. Sikhcess does not accept any financial donations, but instead, receives a generous assortment of groceries, desert items, drinks, and even clothing for distribution to the homeless.

Not affiliated with any single Sikh institution, numerous Sikh Gurudwaras (Temples) throughout the Lower Mainland region provide logistical support, food donations, muchneeded kitchen space, and volunteers to Sikhcess. This month’s sponsor was Khalsa School (Surrey, B.C.), where students, parents, and administration generously donated all the requisite food needed to deliver an all-time record number of 3,500 food packages Vancouver and Surrey’s disadvantaged.

“While our campaign alone is certainly not enough to address the problems of addiction, abuse, mental health conditions, chronic human health problems, affordable housing, and poverty, we are confident that the Sikh community’s efforts to feed the needy will, at the very least, serve as temporary relief,” concluded Mr. Singh.

About the Sikhcess ‘Feed the Homeless’ Campaign

Launched in January 2007, the Sikhcess ‘Feed the Homeless’ campaign aims to deliver as many as 20,000 food packages to Greater Vancouver’s homeless and needy in only 12 months.

Sikhcess serves thousands of food packages to Vancouver’s needy each month. This effort starts with volunteers arriving early in the morning to cook fresh vegetables in delicatelyspiced curry. Throughout the day, volunteers help package the nutritious and flavorful curried vegetable filling inside tortilla wraps, which are then assembled into individual packages that include bottles of water or drinks, and cookies or other deserts. Once ready, these packages are placed in boxes and distributed to the homeless.

Every month, the homeless and needy take delivery of thousands of food packages generously donated by the entire Sikh community. In exchange, Sikhcess volunteers receive countless hugs, smiles and a heart-felt “thank you”, many times over. Sikhcess thanks all those who contribute to the ‘Feed the Homeless’ campaign with their charitable support of time, effort, food, and kitchen facilities.

Sikhcess does not accept financial donations of any kind. Inquiries for donations of food and supplies to the homeless should be directed to or Mr. Jatinder Singh at 604-866-5432.
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