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Indians Cry Shame At Days of Carnage Past

International Human Rights Organisation
Of the Indian Subcontinent
210, New Judicial Courts Complex, Ludhiana

Press Release

LUDHIANA, August 12- The International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO), hailing the opinion poll conducted by NDTV for the programme "India at 60", today expressed its happiness over the verdict of Indian people who have said that the Operation Bluestar and the anti-Sikh carnage of 1984 is a black slur on the face of India.

IHRO chairperson D S Gill, general secretary M S Grewal, legal affairs coordinator Sukhdev Singh Ramgarh Sibian and public relations secretary Inderjit Kaur, said in a statement that, "The people in general are always right, it is the power in charge that be should be blamed and accused of such genocide and political blunders."

We also appreciate the pollsters- NDTV & The Hindu- that have ranked the riots after Partition, the Babri Masjid demolition and the imposition of Emergency in the mid-1970s in that order, as other political blunders for which the politicians of the that days are to be cursed, said the IHRO activists.

Terming Indian democracy as the national pride and the bribery as its worst shame, the pollsters have found that secularism and judiciary, besides other things, are the bases of India's achievements. The personalities in the list of icons were Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, besides some others.

But unfortunately, the personalities projected by the managers of the 'opinion poll' do not match with other factors and events mentioned in the opinion poll, the IHRO activists added.

For example, they said, the icons' list includes Indira Gandhi who (along with her son Rajiv Gandhi) was responsible for the Blue Star (army attack on the Golden Temple), the Nov' 84 Sikh genocide and the imposition of Emergency- the national blunders.

The IHRO also asserted: "For all this, pollsters or general public are not at fault. They are innocent, (media) publicity prone people. We, during the last 60 years, are only taught that our (nation's) father (Bapu) is Mahatma Gandhi and uncle (Chacha) Jawaharlal Nehru, ignoring other heroes such as Subash Chander Bose, Bhagat Singh and Guru Gobind Singh."

India is democratic and secular, and its judiciary impartial and independent only so far as the majority community is concerned. Minorities and dalits are still a discriminated lot in India. "Anyway, we hail the opinion poll as a sane and good endeavour for educating the people", concluded the IHRO.

(D.S. Gill, Esq.) Advocate

Chairperson IHRO

Tel: 099140 04092
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