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The Sangat

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Sikhism is one of the world's most progessive religions that respects and honours people of all backgrounds and faiths. To that end, everyone is welcome here, just as they would be in a Sikh gurudwara. Please honour us with your respect, as we will you, and do not let the haste of intolerance colour your posts. The word "Sikh" literally means to "learn" and we are all present to do just that.

Sangat is community- the vast, enveloping circle of mutual fellowship that is the Sikh network across continents today. Welcome to the Sangat. Here questions, debates, and projects of faith arise to inform and enrich us on our journey.

We are together. We are here. We are Sikh.

During Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism's third Udassi (journey) he travelled to the north into the Himalayas. he visted Jawala- mukhi, Kangra, Riwalsar, Lahaul Spiti and Tibet.
On Mount Sumayr, Guru Sahib met with the great ascetics who had spend all their lives in the mountains meditating and were said in those days to have achieved great occult powers. They asked him "what is your name and what path do you follow?" Guru Sahib answered "I dwell in God, who resides in my heart. I live under his will and act as I am bidden by him".

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